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Made from recycled plastic bottles, it replaces your factory's cotton rags and rental towels.

Why Choose Greenwipes ?

Cost Savings Guaranteed!
Save at least 30% of your cost immediately. Cotton rags cost at least RM0.33 per piece & to dispose it (SW410) adds another RM0.30. This makes cotton rags RM0.63 per piece to use. Greenwipes cost less than RM0.30 to use (including disposal).

Lightweight & Portable
Each box of Greenwipes is compact & lightweight and remarkably portable. With each box weighs about than 2.66kg and a size similar to a basketball, you can carry it anywhere you want and use it whenever you need it.

3x More Absorbent
Up to 3x times more absorbency than cotton rags and rental towels, Greenwipes perfectly wipes off liquid, oil, solvent and chemicals in your workplace without leaving behind any residue.

Eco Friendly
Each Greenwipes is designed to helps make this world more sustainable. It is designed based on the concept of 3R which is to ‘reduce” your consumption, “reuse” for multiple times & ‘recycled” when dispose.

Space Saving
Made with space saving in mind, Greenwipes can save up to 90% of your existing rags storage space. Each Carton (6 Box of Greenwipes can replace 15 bags of 20kg cotton rags.

Reduce Scheduled Waste
SW410 disposal cost are priced at RM2,800 on average per ton. Which means every kg of cotton rags (8 piece) waste will cause you RM2.80 to dispose. Feather light weight of Greenwipes allows you to save 90% of your disposal cost.

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Baby Head To Toe Wash


As part of our expansion plan, we have produced Twinkle, a baby head to toe wash. The uniqueness of this product is that although it is SLS free it is positioned at a very reasonable price.

Twinkle Baby Head To Toe Wash is a no tear and colorless formulation which is gentle to babies even newborns. Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E has also been added to enhance the effectiveness of this wash.

Available in 500ml bottles with pump.

What is SLS?